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Samuel’s Blog Year In Review: September 2005

April 8th, 2006 at 07:00am

I could tell you that September started off with a bang, but that would be a fib, as it actually started off with snoring, both from myself, and from the rostered air traffic controller at Canberra Airport. I did eventually wake up and write a brief Blog View Stats post, where we found out that there were 196 views of the new site’s front page in the short time that it was on the Internet in August.

I had a very nice lunch and afternoon with my bus driver friend, which included me getting a new radio, I later converted the afternoon into german and back to English using the Google Translator, with some very amusing results.

2UE moved to new studios, with a couple minor glitches, which not only caused issues for most network stations, but compounded calamities for (the now nearly defunct) 2LT. The proper technical changeover to the new studios took quite a bit of network programming away from 2CC temporarily, but Mike Frame had a good afternoon show. The new 2UE studios do look nice though.

Google decided that I’m a penguin.

Wayne Mac had a very interesting chat with the people over at 6PR.

I summarised a week in one veeeery long post, so summarised probably isn’t the right word.

City News continued their incompetence by publishing an opinion piece from a website as an “editorial” in their so called newspaper.

One of the people who lives near me decided that leaf blowers are good at cleaning houses.

I wrote my first restaurant review, for the Majura Cafe, and became very annoyed with the way government lawnmowers operate.

Google Earth is good, but I’m glad the pictures aren’t live.

I had a dream about oranges that taste like pineapples.

I found a good definition of a modern pop star.

I showed you a story I wrote called “The Fridge”.

One of my clocks gained half a second.

Channel Nine announced 50 years of television a year too early.

Sadly, Don Adams passed away.

I spent far too much time thinking about having radio live in each and every house.

The Coffee-Cup-O-Meter made a temporary return.

I wondered how immune government cars are to road rules, posted the first ever Tape Highlights Package and grumbled about tablecloth sized catalogues.

That more or less wraps up September 2005, We’ll look back on October 2005 on Monday morning (can anybody see the pattern yet…or better yet work out the reason behind the pattern?).


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