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September 11th, 2005 at 06:26pm

It appears that 2LT Lithgow had much more fun than 2CC did last night. 2CC’s problems were of course ads from Sydney, Lithgow probably let the monkeys loose in the studio, I’ll let “it’s just not radio” from google groups aus.radio.broadcast explain.

This might explain some of the network dramas experienced overnight by
the once listenable 2LT Lithgow. Had the misfortune to discover the 2UE
Garden show this morning on 2LT, minus any sign of pulses. No
commercials, no weather, no news theme, just plain old silence each and
every network break.
To compound this embarrassing error, the imbecile repsonsible for the
on air mechanics hadn’t factored in any left over commercials;- so at
9:00am today, listeners were treated to ALL the Garden show commercials
back to back! 30 minutes worth, non stop!
And this on top of last night’s N.R.L cock up between 8:00pm and
11:00pm, which came complete with 3 hours of automated local program,
SIMULTANEOUSLY…what a joke! Just reinforces that old adage about
peanuts and monkeys hey!
Don’t know who runs / owns this mob but is it any wonder regional radio
has such a poor name. Guys, do yourselves a favour and hand back the
license, you are a disgrace. You take the Gold Logie for destroying
regional radio credibility.
Being from the Bathurst region , I thought 2BS / B-Rock had that mantle
well and truly covered. WRONG, they now have another contender.

Now, where’s that bigger antenna??????

I guess this is why these changes are made in the middle of the night on a Saturday…nobody in the regional studios to take any notice.


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