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Afternoons with Mike Frame

September 14th, 2005 at 02:51pm

Today from midday to 2pm something unusual occured on 2CC, a local afternoon show hosted by Mike Frame.

I must say, I enjoyed Mike Frame’s show, and not being a huge fan of John Mangos, I found this show to be quite refreshing, and in fact just the way I would run an afternoon show, plenty of light banter and some good music too. Mike Frame had to go to Kippax, so the Drive show with Mike Welsh was extended by one hour so that it started at 2pm rather than 3pm.

I enjoy John Stanley’s show, but I’m not a fan of John Mangos…he doesn’t exactly sound awake to me, or interested in his show. I would be very pleased to have Mike Frame fill in for John Stanley while he is on holidays, unfortunately though i think it was for one day only, as I am led to believe this may have been the result of 2UE upgrades….which reminds me, I’m still waiting for some photos of the new 2UE studios….must contact that person again.

Still, Afternoons with Mike Frame sounds like a good idea to me!


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  • 1. Kerces  |  September 14th, 2005 at 5:32 pm

    Are all 2cc presenters called Mike or John? Is it a job requirement, like for kings?

  • 2. Samuel  |  September 14th, 2005 at 6:24 pm

    Quite possibly, but it becomes more interesting when you look at the presenters more closely.

    Of all the regular presenters, all the John’s are in Sydney and all the Mike’s are in Canberra, add to that statistic that Mike Williams is currently filling in on the night time program, one of the sports presenters is a “John” and the breakfast presenter on 2UE Sydney is a “Mike” and things become very interesting.

    Current standard lineup (with fillins) on 2CC is John, Mike, John, John, Mike, John & others, Mike.

    By the way, Mike Welsh is still going due to “faults between here and there” preventing them from getting the sport show. I know of one person who would be pleased about that…he absolutely hates the sport show. I find it interesting, but not for two hours.

    I wonder what they’ll do if 2UE don’t return to them soon…will Kane Bond do an 8pm-Midnight shift and then get Mike Jeffreys to do an extended Breakfast show from Midnight-9am??? It would certainly be interesting…

  • 3. Samuel  |  September 14th, 2005 at 6:31 pm

    They are currently filling time with senate debates over the Telstra sale…the vote is due any moment now, riveting stuff!

    2CC hope to be back with Sydney programming after 7PM (Hopefully)

  • 4. Samuel  |  September 14th, 2005 at 7:30 pm

    At 7PM they went and played the hour version of last week’s “Best Of Laws” as heard on Sunday morning. I wonder what’s going to happen at 8pm.

  • 5. Samuel  |  September 14th, 2005 at 8:22 pm

    8PM has come and gone, and 2CC still don’t seem to have a Sydney feed, they finished the hour of “Best Of Laws” had an ad break and launched straight into a “Best of Stan whats-his-name” as John_B1_B5 so eloquently put it in one of his comments.

    I’ll keep popping in on my radio throughout the night to cover this peculiar night on 2CC.

  • 6. Samuel  |  September 14th, 2005 at 9:06 pm

    Now things are just getting out of hand, we suddenly have Nights with Mike Frame….this is nuts, somebody wake up the techs at 2UE before the 2CC presenters go out of their minds!

  • 7. Samuel  |  September 14th, 2005 at 10:22 pm

    I spoke to Mike Frame about half an hour ago as I do feel the regular callers need to help fill the gaps in these circumstances. Anyway, I detailed my insane hypothetical all local 2CC schedule:
    Midnight-5:30am: New Day Canberra with Kevin Woolfe
    5:30am-9:00am: Breakfast with Mike Jeffreys
    9:00am-Midday: Mornings with Kris McKenzie
    Midday-3:00pm: Afternoons with Mike Frame
    3:00pm-7:00pm: Drive with Mike Welsh
    7:00pm-Midnight: Nights with Kane Bond

    It might just work, but it probably proves my insanity.

  • 8. Samuel  |  September 14th, 2005 at 11:59 pm

    Good news, when I checked at 10:54 Mike Williams was coming in loud and clear from Sydney….now Mike Frame and the rest of the tireless crew at 2CC can get some sleep. Well done guys, a hard day, but you pulled it off, and did a very good job of it too, well done!

  • 9. John B1_B5  |  September 15th, 2005 at 1:18 pm

    But let me say THIS about John Mangos — at least he doesn’t interrupt as much ( as John Stanley ) when somebody’s talking .

  • 10. Samuel  |  September 15th, 2005 at 6:04 pm

    Very true, I hadn’t noticed that until you mentioned it, but yes, very true.

    I wonder if that bloke who got John Stanley to not say “Good On You” for a day ever dressed up in a chicken suit while waving a Dragons flag?

  • 11. John B1_B5  |  September 15th, 2005 at 7:02 pm

    I doubt it Samuel …… I don’t think John Stanley can stop himself saying “Good on You ” ….. LOL !

  • 12. Samuel  |  September 15th, 2005 at 7:15 pm

    He did manage it for that one show, but you’re right, he isn’t going to stop saying it, just like he keeps saying “Oh dear” and “Yeah, alright”.

    They all have their favourite phrases and words, I guess that’s part of what makes them unique.

    I need to correct the details from last night, Mike Williams was on 2CC from 10PM, I was just doing other things at that time and didn’t hear the changeover.


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