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Samuel’s Blog Year In Review: March 2006

April 16th, 2006 at 07:00am

We’ve finally made it to the last Year In Review post for the year, which will undoubtedly come as a relief to a person who called the Year In Review series “seemingly endless”.

Anyway, March 2006 was a very interesting month, and it started with Senator Ian Campbell having a rather odd off-topic comparison of a bird called the “Latham’s snipe” and former Labor leader Mark Latham.

2CC upgraded their equipment, bringing joy to their many night time listeners.

Before starting the new series of Samuel In Dolgnwot, I provided a thorough recap of Series One.
A picture from Samuel In Dolgnwot series one

ACTION decided to have a half-baked open day.

I then started series 2 of Samuel In Dolgnwot
Samuel In Dolgnwot: Series Two

The delivery of the White and Yellow Pages phone books was much more tasteful than previous years.

A teacher decided to change an assignment one week before the due date.

I started my footy tips for the year, they were not good, I only correctly tipped one winner from seven NRL matches. Thankfully they have improved.

3AW released the details of their Commonwealth Games Coverage.

I started a new podcast, called Editorial Echoes.
Editorial Echoes

I analysed some Australia Post statistics.

I had a dream about Telemarketing, House Visiting, Cheap Furniture Con Artists.

As is to be expected in March, the sunrises were lovely.
Canberra Sunrise

The spammers started writing novels and distributing bits of them in their emails.

I explained some of the automation behind Editorial Echoes, and became frustrated when I encountered a building designed by a maze enthusiast.

There was a storm in Canberra which produced some heavy rain.
Storm Radar
Localised flooding after a storm in Canberra

The underground cabling stories continued, with a photographic tour.
Mount Ainslie Substation
Underground Cabling
Underground Cabling
Underground Cabling

I also documented the construction work happening over at Section 84 in Civic.
Section 84 Construction
Section 84 Construction
Section 84 Construction
Section 84 Construction

Campbell High School took my constructive criticism on board and fixed the problem.

Editorial Echoes was off to a good start.
Editorial Echoes off to a good start

I had a dream about a very bad day.

Nattie & I went to see the hot air balloons.

Australia did well in Lawn Bowls at the Commonwealth Games.

Editorial Echoes was canned.

2CA/2CC put out a job advertisement for a senior journalist.

I got a phone call from the principal of Campbell High School.

I showed you a picture of a scarecrow laundry robot.
Scarecrow Laundry Robot

Southern Cross Ten broadcast the Black Opal.
Southern Cross Ten cover the Black Opal
Southern Cross Ten cover the Black Opal
Southern Cross Ten cover the Black Opal

The website was crossed out for some readers.

With the March episode of Samuel’s Persiflage out of the question, I announced a bigger than normal April episode.

Breakfast on 2CA changed hands.

Kim Beazley made a fool of himself when he visited a bus depot.

And that was March 2006. Tomorrow we will be celebrating the birthday of Samuel’s Blog, which should be fantastic!


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  • 1. Chuck A. Spear  |  April 16th, 2006 at 9:51 am

    Looking forward to it. Other may refer to your Year In Review as seemingly endless, however, I refer it as incredibly interesting and not long enough. Good Work Samuel.

  • 2. Samuel  |  April 16th, 2006 at 9:58 am

    So am I, I’ll have some more details of the birthday online at midnight.


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