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Samuel’s Blog Year In Review: March 2006

We’ve finally made it to the last Year In Review post for the year, which will undoubtedly come as a relief to a person [1] who called the Year In Review series “seemingly endless”.

Anyway, March 2006 was a very interesting month, and it started with Senator Ian Campbell having a rather odd off-topic comparison of a bird called the “Latham’s snipe” and former Labor leader Mark Latham [2].

2CC upgraded their equipment [3], bringing joy to their many night time listeners.

Before starting the new series of Samuel In Dolgnwot, I provided a thorough recap of Series One. [4]
A picture from Samuel In Dolgnwot series one

ACTION decided to have a half-baked open day [5].

I then started series 2 [6] of Samuel In Dolgnwot
Samuel In Dolgnwot: Series Two

The delivery of the White and Yellow Pages phone books was much more tasteful than previous years. [7]

A teacher decided to change an assignment [8] one week before the due date.

I started my footy tips for the year [9], they were not good, I only correctly tipped one winner from seven NRL matches [10]. Thankfully they have improved.

3AW released the details [11] of their Commonwealth Games Coverage.

I started a new podcast [12], called Editorial Echoes.
Editorial Echoes

I analysed some Australia Post statistics [13].

I had a dream about Telemarketing, House Visiting, Cheap Furniture Con Artists [14].

As is to be expected in March, the sunrises were lovely [15].
Canberra Sunrise

The spammers started writing novels and distributing bits of them in their emails [16].

I explained some of the automation [17] behind Editorial Echoes, and became frustrated when I encountered a building designed by a maze enthusiast [18].

There was a storm in Canberra which produced some heavy rain.
Storm Radar
Localised flooding after a storm in Canberra

The underground cabling stories continued, with a photographic tour [19].
Mount Ainslie Substation
Underground Cabling
Underground Cabling
Underground Cabling

I also documented the construction work happening over at Section 84 in Civic [20].
Section 84 Construction
Section 84 Construction
Section 84 Construction
Section 84 Construction

Campbell High School took my constructive criticism on board and fixed the problem [21].

Editorial Echoes was off to a good start [22].
Editorial Echoes off to a good start

I had a dream about a very bad day [23].

Nattie & I went to see the hot air balloons [24].

Australia did well in Lawn Bowls [25] at the Commonwealth Games.

Editorial Echoes was canned [26].

2CA/2CC put out a job advertisement for a senior journalist [27].

I got a phone call from the principal of Campbell High School [28].

I showed you a picture of a scarecrow laundry robot [29].
Scarecrow Laundry Robot

Southern Cross Ten broadcast the Black Opal [30].
Southern Cross Ten cover the Black Opal
Southern Cross Ten cover the Black Opal
Southern Cross Ten cover the Black Opal

The website was crossed out for some readers [31].

With the March episode of Samuel’s Persiflage out of the question, I announced a bigger than normal April episode [32].

Breakfast on 2CA changed hands [33].

Kim Beazley made a fool of himself when he visited a bus depot [34].

And that was March 2006. Tomorrow we will be celebrating the birthday of Samuel’s Blog, which should be fantastic!


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#1 Comment By Chuck A. Spear On April 16, 2006 @ 9:51 am

Looking forward to it. Other may refer to your Year In Review as seemingly endless, however, I refer it as incredibly interesting and not long enough. Good Work Samuel.

#2 Comment By Samuel On April 16, 2006 @ 9:58 am

So am I, I’ll have some more details of the birthday online at midnight.