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Samuel’s Blog Year In Review: January 2006

April 14th, 2006 at 07:00am

January started off with a customary “Happy New Year” message from me, and a recording of my phone call to George Gibson who was filling in on 2GB at the time.

Then we had the final Schnappi update.
Schanppi the little crocodile

After a good suggestion from a reader, I added next and previous post links to the site.

Summernats came to Canberra, and was certainly not the problem free, family friendly event that the organisers insist on advertising it as. Before this sets off another round of local car entusiasts getting angry at me, I have no problem with car enthusiasts who are sensible and obey the law…I just have a problem with the minority who are utter morons.

I showed you my 2005 Santa Photo.
Samuel and Santa 2005

There was a visit from a possum.

Somebody going by the name of “pintail” accused me of being selfish for not linking to everyone and everything that links to my blog.

I made some predictions about the direction of IT in 2006.

SBS stopped using the services of Robbie McGregor for their voiceovers.

Daniel Gibson made his first appearance on this website in a video where he was showing off one of my works of art.
Samuel's Weather Picture
Daniel Gibson with Samuel's Weather Picture

Wayne Mac released the highly awaited book “Don’t Touch That Dial, Hits ‘n’ Memories Of Australian Radio”

This blog became a proud member of PANDORA, The National Library of Australia’s Internet archive.

Samuel’s Persiflage #2, which featured an extensive interview with Wayne Mac was released.

One of the few sensible things ever written about the Australian Blog Awards was written.

I got my copy of Wayne Mac’s book.
Wayne Mac & Samuel Gordon-Stewart

One of the worst vulnerabilities ever found in a Microsoft product, the WMF Exploit, was finally laid to rest.

The Canberra Times had their sales increased by CIT.

James Goodwin left 2UE for WIN News.

Australia Day rolled around.

John Kerr returned from holidays, and so did John Laws.
John Laws

Larry Emdur joined Channel Seven and Wheel Of Fortune.
Larry Emdur on Wheel Of Fortune

I had a busy weekend, and announced the return of Samuel In Dolgnwot.

Changes were afoot at 2CA and 2CC.

That more or less sums up January…and with the February summary coming tomorrow morning, we must be getting very close to the birthday of Samuel’s Blog!


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