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Blog View Stats for March

April 7th, 2006 at 04:26am

It’s that time of the month again, so here are the stats for March.

The Webstat reports for March can be found here

There were 15,478 page views in March, down from 18,327 in February, and 4,710 visitors, down from 5,025 in February.

There were 5,955 views of the front page on all of its URLs.

The most popular articles were:

Google remained the most popular search engine, followed by Yahoo, and MSN.

The search keywords were mostly various combinations and misspellings of my name, and variations of “schnappi video”. Among the odd keywords were

  • curious articles
  • podcaster anonymous rings in once a week
  • grass drill machine for doors
  • channel 9 free cricket to watch
  • uses os circular motion
  • clarkconnect with lamp
  • peep holes in public bathroom
  • Reason Like Pineapples
  • rambling “and my god have mercy on your soul” “no points”
  • what to do when confused
  • blog fire alarm control panel
  • “a 90 minute” “47 minutes”
  • Samuel 30 “3 – 6”
  • sign owned by cord excavations
  • practice conversation in the restuarant
  • 021-52242591

Internet Explorer dropped a couple percentage points but was still the most popular browser with 62.98% of the readership, Firefox gained nearly as much as Internet Explorer lost, and was next with 32.27%, and Safari seemed to pick up the slack on 3.75%. Opera, Netscape, Mozilla and Konqueror were all under 1%.

Windows was the most popular Operating System with 86.67% of the readership, followed by Mac with 12.53%, and Linux with 0.78%. Windows had a minor drop, as did Linux, which seemed to be picked up by Mac.

Australia, The US and Japan and The UK topped the Countries, with 83.76%, 5.59%, 4.52% and 2.09% of the readership respectively, which seems to show that people in countries outside of Australia are taking a growing interest in this blog.

The most popular files for the month were:

The top referring sites for the month were:

March 2006: 12,350MB
February 2006 9,280MB
January 2006: 14,240MB
December 2005: 14,010MB
November 2005: 2,870MB
October 2005: 657.85MB
September 2005: 519.89MB
August 2005: 82.93MB

Samuel’s Persiflage Statistics

RSS Feed Downloads
Month Downloads
March 2006 1392
Febrauary 2006 815
January 2006 1661
December 2005 150
Total 4018

Downloads in March
Episode High
Quality Version
Quality Version
3 (February 2006) 84 43 127
2 (January 2006) 125 N/A 125
1 (December 2006) 71 N/A 71
Total 280 43 323

Episode 3 Downloads
Month High
Quality Version
Quality Version
March 2006 84 43 127
February 2006 81 39 120
Total 165 82 247

Episode 2 Downloads
Month Downloads
March 2006 125
February 2006 98
January 2006 144
Total 367

Episode 1 Downloads
Month Downloads
March 2006 71
February 2006 64
January 2006 291
December 2006 80
Total 506


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