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The Prime Minister’s Glasses Are In The Communist’s Box

October 29th, 2007 at 01:54pm

I had this dream on Friday night. It started in the primary school library where a friend and I were trying to find our glasses. Eventually the class teacher (my year three and year five teacher, Ms. Sue Amundsen) got out her box of lost glasses and rummaged through it, but the glasses weren’t in there so she sent two other students downstairs to the principal’s office for stealing glasses.

Ms. Amundsen then got the class to sit down so that she could start teaching us. The lesson for the day was a lecture from her about how wonderful communism is. For some reason she was telling us all about how books are better if you’re a communist, the colour on the television is better in communist countries and you don’t have to eat vegetables if you don’t want to.

Another teacher then interrupted and started telling us about the problems with communism…for some reason the teacher was Abe, Clive Robertson’s producer. Ms. Amundsen did not like the idea of anyone talking about the problems with communism, so she started screaming, and then started throwing sorbolene cream all over the room, before knocking the book case over. As the book case fell over, Ms. Amundsen’s box of lost glasses fell on the ground and my glasses flew over to me (my friend had seemingly disappeared). The police then arrived to arrest Ms. Amundsen for stealing glasses, and as they were doing this the prime minister’s missing glasses appeared.

Abe and I then took the prime minister’s glasses to him, and he knighted us.

At this point the dream ended.


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