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If Rex goes, I go

September 1st, 2009 at 12:06pm

There’s a curious story in the Herald Sun today about rumours that 3AW may be axing their chief football commentator Rex Hunt in favour of MMM’s Brian Taylor next year.

3AW’s General Manager Shane Healy was quoted as saying “I’d say so” when asked in the station wants to keep Rex Hunt next year, but then went on to say that “[w]e are looking at our ratings and our research, we are always interested to see how our audience is reacting to the team”. Well Shane, let’s do just that…let’s take a look at the ratings for stations covering football.

From survey #5, the ratings across the weekend:
3AW: 17.1%
ABC: 15.2%
MMM: 5.3%
SEN: 3.5%

As if the gap between 3AW and MMM isn’t big enough on its own, the fact that 3AW and MMM get priority choice of games, with the ABC and SEN getting whatever is left over, makes it even more interesting. 3AW and MMM cover the same games most of the time with the ABC and SEN getting the dredges, and yet the ABC almost have triple the ratings of MMM.

Mr. Healy, I know that you say that you’re not looking at replacing Rex, and that the Herald Sun claim the rumour started at MMM, but a quick word of advice for you. If you replace Rex Hunt with Brian Taylor, I will not be listening. In fact, if you replace Rex with just about anyone else, then I will not be listening. Promoting one of your existing commentators is something I can live with…bringing Denis Cometti on full-time I can deal with, but don’t replace your chief caller with somebody who is helping to keep MMM on 5%. If you do, I, and others, will be helping the ratings of your nearest competitor.


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  • 1. legshagger  |  September 4th, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    I’m sure that radio 3AW are all ready feverishly discussing their looming ratings plunge when you refuse to listen to them after they punt Rex, Samuel … or is it Maritz?


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