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I thought it was a Prime TV ID

September 9th, 2009 at 03:42am

The first story on A Current Affair last night, which was about the damage speed humps can do to your car, featured the song “Streets Of Your Town” by The Go-Betweens quite prominently. I haven’t heard this song in yonks, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard the full version…and it was driving me nuts…”I know this song, but why?”. I had the vague notion that it may have been from one of the old Prime TV IDs, but I couldn’t place it, as I recall the “this is where we live”, “millennium television” and “bringing it home to me” campaigns, each of which had their own song, so I dismissed the idea.

Anyway, I found the song, and listened to the whole thing, and the visuals started flooding back…it was a Prime ID…but I still had no idea where in the line-up it fitted. YouTube to the rescue. It looks like the song was used in the early stages of the “bringing it home to me” campaign, before they found somebody to sing “bringing it home to me…bring-ing it home to meeeeee”.

And just for fun, here’s the song.

Prime also had an instrumental-only version which used the bridge of the song up around the 2:10 mark. It’s the last one in this compilation of Prime IDs.

I suppose I should thank A Current Affair for bringing back memories of music I loved hearing between shows, and never realised was a real song until now.


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