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October 13th, 2006 at 01:56pm

I become very excited over the release of Ubuntu Linux 5,10, the expenditure „the Breezy of Dachses “. It has a number of improvements over the 5,04 „hoary hedgehog “version, including better menu line, friendlier Startein squirting screen and better multi-language support.

If the educational institute specific Edubuntu release is exciting, it intends for use in the educational institutes which are good thing over this that them seem to be practically perfect for schools inclusively some excellent opened source programs, which do the same, if not better, job than the equivalent programs for commercial ranges of application. With each possible luck should I play with this at the Dickson university once soon and particularly saw, since we have a delimitation on our Windows XP licenses and not really on the increase of the number… the terrible costs included regarding also to intend. The good thing is here the fact that there is a high probability that personnel and class participants finds it to a high degree useful and attached it to wish in more positions, which can only be a good thing.

Financially Shuttleworth, giving supports the attractive people with Ubuntu wegUbuntu CDs and DVDs for free, with free shipping and everything by gazillionaire marking. You can still downloaden it of the Downloadseite, but I ordered some CDs of them, and you can too, by preceding more rüber to the ShipIt side.


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