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Rob Elliott on Wheel Of Fortune

October 9th, 2006 at 10:12am

Yesterday I reported that it was Rob Elliott’s birthday, during that report I mentioned something about it being hard to find videos and/or photos of him on the Internet at the moment…this was a brainfade, and Malcolm made sure I knew all about it with this short email

Rob Elliott Videos……….YouTube

Thanks Malcolm! A search on YouTube for Wheel Of Fortune proved quite fruitful, and I now have photos and videos of Rob Elliott at his best, hosting “Australia’s favourite game show (cue audience) Wheel…Of…Fortune!”

First up here we have Rob Elliott introducing contestants on a 1997 “Celebrity Week” episode of Wheel, the contestants are Ross ??? (anybody know who he is?), Tempany Deckert (Selina Cook/Roberts on Home and Away) and Andrew Daddo (various Channel Seven gameshows and lifestyle programs, currently a reporter for The Great Outdoors). I don’t know what the person who uploaded this video was thinking, they’ve split it in half and cut off the start of the show, and the part of the second round.

None the less, this shows what a fantastic compere Rob Elliott is.

And here’s part two!

We also have a poor quality video of Rob Elliott in March 2000 giving away a major prize with the mystery wedge…notice the nice set? I think it was their best.

I did promise photos…well they’re just screenshots from the video, but they might as well be photos.

Rob Elliott always came across as a jolly, happy man
Rob Elliott on Wheel of Fortune
Rob Elliott on Wheel of Fortune

Rob Elliott with Tempany Deckert
Rob Elliott on Wheel of Fortune

Rob Elliott with “Ross”, Tempany Deckert, Andrew Daddo and the Wheel Of Fortune (Update January 31, 2012: Reader Phil has informed me by email that the “Ross” in this picture is Ross Higgins, known for his role as Ted Bullpit in ‘Kingswood Country’ and as the voice of Louie The Fly, among other roles. Thanks Phil! End Update)
Rob Elliott on Wheel of Fortune

Yep, I’d be giving them odd looks too Rob.
Rob Elliott on Wheel of Fortune

I hope you had a great birthday Rob…what are you doing these days anyway?


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