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October 6th, 2005 at 02:42pm

This morning as I stumbled around the house in a semi-tired state (after not being able to sleep last night and hearing most of New Day Australia with John Kerr…including Sydney traffic at 5am where “the roads aren’t very busy”) preparing breakfast and various other things, I had a bright idea. I had just spotted the toaster with one bread slot unused and at full power, and I thought to myself “Why not insert a sensor in the toaster that detects if there is bread in the slot, and if there isn’t, doesn’t try to cook the empty slot”.

I decided to walk to work today, despite the fact that Walk To Work day is tommorow. It was a pleasant stroll on a pleasant Canberra spring morning, but as i passed the Ainslie shops I discovered this entire new bunch of wooden poles had been erected around the grassland at the front of the shops. Not only do these poles serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever, they look stupendously ugly and detract from the pleasantness on that nice area.

It took me 40 minutes to walk from my home in Reid to Dickson, which informs me is roughly 3.9km, so I was walking a bit slower than usual, but that is acceptable when carrying a semi-heavy bag in one hand, and a radio in the other.

The interesting thing about this journey is that I left home at 8:35 and was supposed to be at work by 9am…I arrived at 9:15 and, to my surprise, was the first person to arrive, so sat down and had a cup of coffee which I was in need of, and continued listening to a rather amusing call on the John Laws show where a yelling match took place…a NSW government minister came on straight after this call and said “he was as hot as an oven” or something to that effect. I guess you would have had to have heard it to grasp the amusement factor.

Anyway, at 9:30 my direct boss arrived, and he didn’t have a key to get in, so we waited another five minutes and somebody with a key turned up, and two minutes later someone else turned up.

Effectively I had spent at least 20 minutes thinking about how late I might be, only to find out that would be the only person to ever know the true story, until I posted it here that is.

This afternoon the fire alarm was tested, and I was in a vacant room (excluding myself of course), the notice for testing started with a giant cracking noise over the PA system, which, as it sounded like it was coming from the roof, made me jump. This was followed by an ear piercing noise show as various noises eminated from the fire alarm loudspeaker which was far too close to my ear….thankyou to whoever was running it, I will send you the bill for the hearing aids I may now require….


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  • 1. John B1_B5  |  October 6th, 2005 at 3:27 pm

    That reminds me of the ‘good old days’ when ABC AM Radio transmitters were staffed, and one of the weekly ‘chores’ was to test the fire alarm system (from the transmitter to the local fire station ) .
    The normal procedure was to contact the Fire Station on the telephone first, then press the “test” button in the Fire Alarm box on the wall .
    Anyway, one day, a Trainee was asked to do it , but he forgot to call the Fire Station first, and this resulted in a fire engine being despatched to the transmitter with its siren howling .
    Interestingly, the Firemen weren’t angry about the incident because they told us they got false alarms ‘on a regular basis’ !


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