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2UE Continue To Have Fun

September 19th, 2005 at 12:01pm

I’ve been noticing a few things over the last few days. 2UE are definetly still settling in to their new studios, and the presenters/panel operators have had a lot of fun. There have been plenty of incorrect sounds playing, callers that seem to invoke strange noises, and the best mistake of all last night.

2CC’s ads weren’t playing last night, which meant that John Kerr’s little accident was quite audible, he managed to leave his or one of his guests microphone on during an ad break. Normally this would be difficult to hear as the ads would have drowned out the noises in the studio, but because there were no ads, the minimal bits of noise prevented the emergency tape from kicking in, and we were able to hear John Kerr talking to his regular guests Simon & Dale (who review movies and other related things every 2nd Monday at 1am) about their thoughts of the new studios, he was also informing them of the details of a movie screening that he had invited them to. This was just before the 2am news and it was quite entertaining hearing the people moving around the studio as you could quite clearly hear them moving closer to, and further away from, the microphone. Eventually we heard the producer in the distance saying something, followed by running noises and then the microphone turned was turned off, leaving us with silence and then the emergency tape.

I have also noticed over the last few days that the pulse which starts the ad breaks is arriving before the audio, sometimes by as much as two seconds, which leads to ads talking over the top of the presenters. Also the 2UE promos are often audible in the background as they return from the ad breaks.

Interestingly John Laws went to take a call this morning and somehow set off the 2UE news theme, which not only confused and entertained John, it probably sparked mass confusion amongst relay station staff who would have looked at the clock to double check the time. I certainly checked the clock on the computer I was using at the time.

George Gibson was plagued with computer issues the other night, 2CC had their pre-news intros, followed by the time beeps and then no news theme, 2UE’s news started and then mysteriously switched to 3AW news, they didn’t send a pulse at the end of the news so there was 15 seconds of dead air and 15 seconds of backup tape, followed by something rather odd, a pulse and the 2CC news theme, with George Gibson talking because his intro didn’t play and his computer wasn’t behaving, which seemed to prevent him from taking phone calls. He took an ad break (which suprisingly played an ad break and not the missing weather on 2CC) and then at the end of the ad break George played his intro and was able to take phone calls again.

I’m sure these issues will be worked out eventually, but for now they produce quite a bit of entertainment for people like me.


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