Twitter Updates for 2012-03-17 Samuel’s Musician Of The Week: Jasmine Rae

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-18

March 18th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • During my afternoon nap I had a dream about an alien invasion. Naturally it started in a carpark. #
  • @foxnewsradio The 5 minute newscast podcast stopped updating with a partial upload of the Friday 5PM ET newscast. #
  • Airport to be named after the Clintons. I hope they call it HillBillary Airport. #
  • In the year after Oprah visited Australia, the number of American tourists to Australia fell by 4%. Great investment of taxpayer funds there #
  • Today's Bolt Report is up on Bolt's blog, perfect for those of us in areas where it's pre-empted by sport coverage #
  • @theheraldsun Thanks for the link to the video of today's Bolt Report. It's not airing in Canberra today, so I appreciate it. in reply to theheraldsun #
  • @coffeyn the notion that Oprah's word is treated as gospel by a majority of Americans, is as much of a media myth as Obama's popularity. in reply to coffeyn #
  • Uh, 32-18. Doggies don't stop at 30! “@NRL_Bulldogs: So Zap converts on the buzzer! And we win 30-18! Well done boys! #DogsOfWar #NRLWARCBY” #
  • @coffeyn Another holiday should cure it. Realising how much non-work stuff I can get done cures it for me. I blog more when I'm not working. in reply to coffeyn #
  • About time. Dame Edna is a national embarrassment in my view. RT @9NewsOnline "Humphries to retire Dame Edna character" in reply to 9NewsOnline #

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