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July 26th, 2009 at 06:45am

As promised, today I am starting to release the full copies of the audio tapes I created as a child. The tapes will be chosen at random from the collection, and one side of a tape will be released at a time.

Today we are starting with the tape “The Variety Of Samuel” which I believe I created in 1999 or early 2000 at the age of 12. Sadly the sound quality isn’t great due to a combination of downright awful microphone inputs on the stereo used to record it, and fairly dodgy microphones. I’ve cleaned up the audio a bit by reducing tape hiss and a buzz which I believe was coming from the microphones, and fixing the levels a bit.

This was my last tape, although I did produce a CD after this. By the time I produced this tape, I was old enough to put a bit of planning in to it, so it is quite clearly broken in to segments and the back sleeve of the cassette holder has a bunch of segment titles, plus whiteout, and a crossed out segment which I didn’t have time for on the tape. The segments on Side A are:

  • Welcome (which starts with the greeting I had recorded on an old mini-cassette based answering machine [they were great, and had much better sound quality than most modern digital answering machines] and the hello song)
  • Salp (strictly speaking, the definition of my word “salp” is “radio music”, however it often also meant “radio music while I do other stuff in the not-quite-background”)
  • Story Of The Day
  • Celebration (in some ways a derivation of the latter definition of “salp”, but using CDs rather than the radio, and with me much more actively in the foreground. Celebrations were a common feature of my later tapes
  • The Intripid ‘Venturer: The Stripping Of The Bed (yeah, I know it’s spelt incorrectly…but that’s how I spelt it at the time. This was recorded in multiple uses of the two minute memo function of the answering machine, with me concocting some story to go along with a bizarre and messy attempt at stripping the sheets and blankets from my bed
  • End Noise (produced on the kitchen bench with metal egg holders)

That’s the first side of the tape…the other side will be available in two weeks. Enjoy!

Download MP3

You can also subscribe to the podcast of these tapes if you like, by copying the address in to your preferred podcast receiving program.


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