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Samuel’s Tapes: The Variety Of Samuel side a

As promised, today I am starting to release the full copies of the audio tapes I created as a child. The tapes will be chosen at random from the collection, and one side of a tape will be released at a time.

Today we are starting with the tape “The Variety Of Samuel” which I believe I created in 1999 or early 2000 at the age of 12. Sadly the sound quality isn’t great due to a combination of downright awful microphone inputs on the stereo used to record it, and fairly dodgy microphones. I’ve cleaned up the audio a bit by reducing tape hiss and a buzz which I believe was coming from the microphones, and fixing the levels a bit.

This was my last tape, although I did produce a CD after this. By the time I produced this tape, I was old enough to put a bit of planning in to it, so it is quite clearly broken in to segments and the back sleeve of the cassette holder has a bunch of segment titles, plus whiteout, and a crossed out segment which I didn’t have time for on the tape. The segments on Side A are:

That’s the first side of the tape…the other side will be available in two weeks. Enjoy!

Download MP3 [1]

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