Thus, I Laughed WIN News Canberra vs WIN News NSW/ACT

Or you could just wait for a real storm…

December 30th, 2008 at 06:54am

What a pity it is that there isn’t going to be a natural thunderstorm around 11:59 on Wednesday night in Sydney. Just think of all the money that the New South Wales government could pump in to schools, roads and hospitals:

From The Australian:

SYDNEY will usher in 2009 with a $5 million pyrotechnics display using almost twice as much fireworks as last year.

More than five tonnes of fireworks will explode over Sydney Harbour, in what event organisers have dubbed the Midnight Creation Storm.

The fireworks display will feature “stunning new effects like lightning, thunder and rain,” Sydney New Year’s Eve Creative Director Rhoda Roberts said.

Which makes me wonder why the weather bureau haven’t noticed the impending storm. Their forecast calls for “mostly sunny” weather.

That said, Ms. Roberts has a theory as to why the Sydney forecast hasn’t change, which she explained to The Sydney Morning Herald:

“As we go into the countdown and the fireworks begin, you really are going to be taken away to another world.”

My question though, is where are all of the climate change alarmists? Why aren’t they complaining about the pollution from the fireworks:

More than 5000 kilograms of explosive devices will be fired into the sky, 2000 kilograms more than last year, at a cost of $5 million.

On the bright side, at least we haven’t been fed the usual nonsense about the fireworks being great for the economy, because think about it for a moment, about the only people to make money out of new year’s eve are licenced premises, taxis, and whichever television network has a bunch of inebriated hosts ooohing, aaahing and rambling at the fireworks. The first two would happen regardless of the fireworks, just in a more distributed manner, and the latter, well they’re on all three commercial networks this year as Seven and Nine have worked out that there are fireworks outside of Sydney…wouldn’t be nice if these were people from whom we could be spared.


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