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Daylight Saving Time on 2UE

October 25th, 2007 at 09:40am

I noticed an advertisement on 2UE a short time ago promoting the fact that Daylight Saving starts at 2am on Sunday (which becomes 3am) and advises people to wind their clocks forward by one hour before they go to sleep.

Interesting idea…but surely it would be better to advise people to “be listening at 1:59am for John Kerr’s clock winding special”.

It would be fairly easy to do, instead of running the final ad break of the hour at 1:57 and then running the top of the hour promo followed by the news, I would suggest the following schedule:

1:56 Final ad break
1:58 John Kerr’s clock winding special
1:59:55 usual time pips
2:00 (optional) Three cuckoo clock chimes as a news intro

The clock winding special would be fairly straight forward, it would contain John Kerr advising people to wind their clocks forward to 2:59 and stand by sixth time pip, at which time their clock should be wound forward to precisely 3am.

And to add to the fun, John could invite people to call in with their Daylight Saving disaster stories from years gone by, and the first three people to do so would win a clock radio (and if possible, signed by the retiring John Laws).

Who would have thought 3am could be turned in to the most exciting part of the day?

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