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Email to Win News

February 9th, 2007 at 02:49pm

I sent this email to Win Television’s Canberra newsroom this morning:

Good morning Win News Canberra,

I wonder if you could pass on a message of congratulations to Jessica Good for me? She has done a wonderful job filling in for Peter Leonard and, based on the last couple nights, has a bright future ahead.

I should also congratulate the rest of you as well, as you all continue to produce the best local news bulletins in Canberra.

Also, I was thinking, and I’m sure it’s beyond your control but you might be able to pass it on as a suggestion…Win is clearly the leader in regional news, but each region only gets to see their local bulletin. Perhaps WIN could consider running a couple bulletins from nearby areas overnight. I don’t know what the cost of doing that would be, so it might be out of the question, but if it is workable it would be very interesting for a “news junkie” like myself to hear about the news of nearby regions.

Anyway, thank you for continuing to provide an excellent news service.

Best wishes,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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