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Christmas 2006

December 26th, 2006 at 11:11am

Here are a few select shots from Christmas 2006.

Christmas dinner: Roast turkey, potato, onion, pumpkin. And for Nattie a special Christmas present, three german style frankfurts.
Christmas Dinner 2006

A closeup of Nattie’s dinner
Nattie's Christmas Dinner 2006

Nattie having dinner
Nattie having Christmas Dinner 2006
Christmas Dinner 2006

Nattie sitting in front of the presents under the Christmas tree.
Christmas Presents 2006

Nattie with Bally
Nattie with Bally

Nattie having some turkey
Nattie having turkey

More turkey for the doggles
Nattie having more turkey

Presents from Irene in Brisbane and Charity in Sydney
Christmas Presents 2006: From Irene in Brisbane and Charity in Sydney

Christmas Pudding 2006

Message from Santa
Christmas Message from Santa 2006

A photo of the cupboard under the stairs. The light was off and the flash and focus did a good job.
Cupboard under the stairs

Nattie waiting for pudding and cream
Nattie waiting for Christmas Pudding 2006

Christmas pudding on the bench
Christmas Pudding 2006

Nattie having Christmas Pudding
Nattie eating Christmas Pudding 2006

A closeup
Nattie eating Christmas Pudding 2006

The card on the Christmas present from my godparents and godsiblings (I assume that the children of one’s godparents are one’s godsiblings)
Christmas Card from the Thompson family 2006

The present from my godfamily
Christmas Present from the Thompson family 2006
Christmas Present from the Thompson family 2006

After a hard day of eating, sleeping and chasing balls, Nattie needed a sleep.
Nattie sleeping after Christmas 2006

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


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