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This Week In Law

October 25th, 2006 at 08:23am

Remember back in late September when Leo Laporte was the guest on Samuel’s Persiflage? Well here’s an extract from the transcript:

Leo Laporte: And so I thought, “Boy, you know” … in fact, I think I said it out loud, which was my mistake. “Boy, we really should have a legal podcast with actual attorneys who know this stuff talking about it.” I said it, and the next day I got hundreds of emails from attorneys, saying, “I’ll do it!” (laughing).

Samuel Gordon-Stewart: (Laughing.)

Leo Laporte: So I — I … one of them was very compelling, a woman I had known for years, Denise Howell, who is a very well-known legal blogger, attorney, an expert in IP, Intellectual Property law, and former Counsel with Electronic Frontier Foundation and had — and knows everybody; has a — has a great voice. And I — and she said, “You know, I’d — I’d love to host this, and I will do all the work. I’ll put it together. I’ll edit it.” And … and I said, “Okay, Denise!” (laughing).

Samuel Gordon-Stewart: (Laughing.)

Leo Laporte: And so she’s gone out and pretty much duplicated my equipment setup. She’s — she’s lined up great people. In fact, the first one has Hank Berry, who was the guy who … the — the Counsel, the Legal Counsel, for Napster. I mean, this guy is really an interesting fellow. This … he’s on the panel, but it’s a — a number of different people. He’s now a partner at Hummer Winblad, which is one of the … actually, I guess he’s been at Hummer for a while. He’s a former CEO of Napster, but he’s been at Hummer for … for about six or seven years. They are a venture fund that specializes in software, and they’re great. So Hank knows everything and … and is really gonna’ be a great panelist. That’ll be the first episode, which, depending on when this comes out, will either be out already or out soon.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart: Well, I’m going to try and get this out before the end of September, because I try to do … I try to do one episode of Samuel’s Persiflage each month. That varies, depending on — on my workload. But I’ll try and get it out before the end of the month (laughing); but I’m just thinking that it’s starting to look like it’s going to be the not-quite-September edition.

Leo Laporte: (Laughing.) Well, it’ll be a race between This Week in Law and Samuel’s Persiflage. We’ll see who comes out first.

Well Samuel’s Persiflage came out first by a country mile, and I’m pleased to be able to announce that, at long long last, Leo has released This Week In Law. It looks like episode one came out a couple days ago and is filled with interesting information, including a rather interesting discussion about the Creative Commons licence, which as you may have noticed, is used on this blog.

It’s a pity about the sound quality, but dodgy audio seems to be the norm for the first few episodes of any podcast…and it looks like the majority of the issues are due to poor recording setups at certain people’s ends…and at one stage it sounds like somebody is snapping pencils in half. I’m sure they’ll work it all out in a couple weeks.


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