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John’s Going On Holiday! Clive’s Back! Stuart Returns Tuesday!

October 12th, 2006 at 05:30am

Exclamation mark exclamation mark…hmmm, got on a role with those exclamation marks.

Anyway, John Kerr is now on holidays for three weeks, he is going overseas with his wife Rhonda, and will be back on-air on Monday November 6 (I don’t know why he’ll be back on a Monday…another holiday for Stuart perhaps?). He sounds very excited about it, and has been making some jokes about the fact that he will be flying out of the country on Friday the 13th.

John has been filling in for Stuart Bocking who is currently on leave, and seeing as Stuart doesn’t come back until Tuesday, Clive Robertson will be running New Day on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday…that will be interesting, Clive and middawn is not an obvious match for my mind, but we’ll see. I’m sure Mike Jeffreys will be pleased to hear his pal on the radio while he makes his way into work.

John seems to think that Clive will be filling in for him on the remaining weekends, although I would suspect that will depend on how Clive gets on in the middawn shift, and we will therefore have either Clive or Clinton Maynard.

I’m very confused about who will be doing what if somebody is ill or otherwise unavailable…perhaps if everyone is ill (Stuart, Clive & Clinton) 2UE could just ring up John Stanley and have him do a Midnight to 3PM shift…or perhaps John Mangos will find his way into the studio…he fills in for Glenn Wheeler on weekends, so it’s not impossible.

That being said, let’s just hope that everyone is well, and John & Rhonda have a lovely holiday.


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