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The Mountain of Voiceovers

May 18th, 2006 at 10:04am

A few nights ago I had a very strange dream. The owners of 2CC and 2CA decided to sell the stations, and they appeared on the TV news to announce the new owner, who turned out to be the new voiceover woman on 2CA (it’s nearly half a year now…nearly time to drop the “new”). She promptly moved the 2CA and 2CC studios to a strange “H” shaped building on a flat section half way up Mount Ainslie. The “H” shape is vertical, not horizontal.

The transmitters were then moved to the top of Mount Ainslie, and produced lightning, which apparently helped to improve the signal (which seems strange considering that lightning usually causes interference on AM signals) so much that 2CC and 2CA could be heard worldwide.

The dream continued to get stranger when the announcers of both stations started painting the building, and encouraging listeners to help out as part of a contest where the best painter would get to live in the “H” building for a week. Mike Frame ran his show from the roof of the “H” building where he spent most of his show singing whilst painting.

The odd thing is that everybody was trying to paint the building with white paint but the lightning was causing rain (according to the weather reports on 2CC in the dream), and the rain kept washing the paint away. On second thoughts, that wasn’t the only odd thing about this dream.


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