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St. Kilda V Fremantle result due on Wednesday (The same can be said for the footy tip results)

May 1st, 2006 at 05:58pm

The controversy surrounding the AFL match between St. Kilda and Fremantle will be officially resolved on Wednesday afternoon. According to a story on afl.com.au:

A meeting of the AFL commission on Wednesday afternoon will determine the outcome of Sunday’s controversial drawn match between St Kilda and Fremantle at Aurora Stadium.

AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson said at a media conference on Monday afternoon that league investigations officer Allan Roberts had consulted timekeepers and other staff on Monday about the events at the match, in which the Saints snatched a late draw after the field umpires failed to hear the final siren.

Anderson said the AFL commission was empowered with determining the outcome of the match because it had final authority to deal with the rules of the game.

And the commission will be given until Wednesday in order for both the Saints and Dockers to be given enough time to properly present their cases to the AFL.

This is probably a good time to update you on my basic scoring procedures, where a correctly tipped win is worth 1 point, an incorrectly tipped loss (ie. the team I selected, lost) is worth 0 points, and untipped draw is worth 0.5 points and a correctly tipped draw is worth 1 point.

As it stands, (and as it is likely to stand if the rules of AFL are followed by the commission) I will get 0.5 points from that game for an untipped draw, however if the result is taken from the scores at the apparent siren time where Fremantle Dockers were leading, I will get 0 points for an incorrectly tipped loss. If St. Kilda win based on a commission decision (which is remotely possible due to an apparent unawarded 50-metre penalty to St. Kilda which would probably have resulted in a goal and a 5 point victory to St. Kilda, then you can expect a lot of controversy and a higer authority to be called in.

This will be an interesting few days.


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