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July 19th, 2009 at 05:34pm

Every now and then an idea strikes me which is so utterly stupid, that it could make a high rating television show. This one occurred to me while I was reading one of Steady Eddie’s Facebook posts where he gives Ten’s new show The 7pm Project a maximum lifespan of three weeks (which, incidentally, is the amount of time I gave Nine’s horrid attempt at reviving Wheel Of Fortune) and noted that it will disappear when Masterchef returns anyway.

As much as I hate cooking shows and wish Masterchef would die, his mention of Masterchef and The 7pm Project in the same sentence gave me an idea.

Chatty news shows seem to struggle to survive outside of morning timeslots, recent examples include The Catch Up on Nine and This Afternoon which was also on Nine, but cooking shows, especially when mixed with a reality format, seem to flourish, so my idea is this.

A chatty news show based in a kitchen, where the hosts are cooking and explaining their cooking while discussing the news issue of the day. Optionally you could have judges who taste the food. Importantly the audience can “vote off” hosts and have them replaced with “contestants”, so eventually the show would be entirely hosted by “regular, ordinary, everyday people” discussing the news of the day whilst cooking. Optionally, prizes could be available to the person who produces the best food each night, as judged by the judges, and for certain lengths of time that each contestant is able to stay on the show without being voted off. The best cook each night should be immune from being voted off that night.

I think it would rate, but I wouldn’t watch it as I’m not a fan of reality game shows or cooking shows (which is probably why it would rate…a lot of shows that I hate, rate really well).


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