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The Global Warming Spiders of Scotland

March 3rd, 2009 at 04:51pm

Some journalist at The Scotsman must have been having a bad day when they wrote this contradictory nonsense:

Scientists in Britain have identified new eight-legged spider species that could soon invade Scotland. Experts say the creatures are moving northwards due to climate change. The dark-colored spider comes from the Canary Islands and Madeira and has been brought into the country in boxes of imported bananas.

Experts now believe these spiders will soon be crawling across Scotland. They have also expressed concerns about another spider specie[s] named, the “false black widow”. This one rushes towards people who come along its path. It is not really clear whether these mass spider movements are generated by climate. This is because other media in Scotland say they are moving northwards to decongest their populations in the South of the country.

An eight-legged spider? In other words it’s not one of the daddy long legs from my house.

The spiders are migrating:
1. because of climate change
2. in boxes of imported bananas from the Canary Islands (how did they know the climate would be better at in Scotland?)
3. in order to decongest southern Scotland

Perhaps the journalist had been out in the sun for too long…


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