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US Election: 11am Update

November 5th, 2008 at 11:05am

The polls are now closed in six states, and the early vote is in favour of John McCain.

CBS News is reporting that John McCain has 51% of the popular vote, Barack Obama has 48%. The more important news is the electoral college results, which currently have John McCain leading 8-3. 270 is the required number for victory.

You may have noticed that I’ve added the CBS News results ticker to the sidebar. It’s wider than the sidebar so it might break the site in some browsers. I’m still testing it, but if you spot any problems, please let me know.

Update 11:12am: Exit polls:
Fox News: Barack Obama 57% – John McCain 40%
CBS News: 75% say Bush is out of touch. End Update

Update 11:32am:
West Virginia has now been awarded to John McCain by CBS News. That puts McCain in the lead by 13-3. End Update

Update 11:35am:
Fox have joined the party and agree that it’s McCain 13-3, however Obama is leading the popular vote 51%-48%.
Currently in the senate race it’s the Democrats in front 41-27 with 51 required for a majority. End Update

Update 11:39am:
Fox News have awarded Delaware to Obama. Delaware is worth three electoral college votes, so that would make the count 13-6 in favour of McCain. End Update

Update 11:46am: Fox News have just retracted Delaware, which brings them back in line with CBS News, with a 13-3 lead to Obama. ABC (US) News and CNN are calling it an 8-3 lead for McCain. End Update

Update 11:50am: CBS’ have just given South Carolina to McCain, and that gives McCain a 21-3 lead. The popular vote is currently 54% in favour of Obama. End Update


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