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“good you are right”

January 22nd, 2007 at 08:34pm

The title of this post is definitely a bit of selective quoting on my behalf…this is in fact an update on the Italian blogger denouncement saga (see here, here and here). I have in fact received a reply to my email defending my actions.

giusto..bravo hai ragione..infatti ora è chiuso al pubblico

In an attempt to get a vague understanding of the email, I put it through the Google language mashing machine (aka Google Translator) and got this:

just. .bravo you have reason. .infatti hour is closed the public adios

As far as I could tell it had something to do with the reason for closing hours…so I forwarded the email to Frankster, who provided a legible translation.

Correct..good you are fact, it’s now closed to the public.

They seem to have accepted my argument about fair use provisions of copyright laws, and I think this means that they didn’t actually properly understand my original post in the first place when the angrily emailed me…but the “it’s now closed to the public” bit is vague…do they mean their blog (which is indeed closed to the public now), or something else? Knowing that it was open to interpretation, Frankster explained the intricacies of the translation.

So we can pretty much from this judge that the matter’s now over. He’s
acknowledged you were right all along and has realised this – so no further
action. I think when he says “chiuso al pubblico” which means “closed to the
public” it’s a term meaning the matter is closed, let’s move on – it doesn’t
mean ‘publically closed and i will continue the matter outside of public
viewing”, it’s more in a manner of speaking sort of thing.

And there we have it, the end of a rather odd chapter in the history of Samuel’s Blog.


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