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Christmas On The Airwaves

December 24th, 2006 at 07:55am

With Christmas just around the corner, and me running late with some Christmas wishes, I had a Christmas calling splurge, and have wished four radio presenters a Merry Christmas in the space of five hours. And for your benefit, and to help spread the Christmas cheer, I’ve recorded them for your enjoyment.

5.40MB MP3 Download

First up is my call to John Kerr on 2UE and stations across the nation at about 2:15 this morning, I had an exhausting list of people I needed to send Christmas wishes to, and John and I discussed the Terrigal Lunch photos (They will appear on here after Christmas), plus we briefly discuss a phone conversation I had with John’s former producer Leonie Ryan who is now a newsreader at 2LM Lismore.

Then we have my call to Stuart Bocking filling in for George Moore and Paul B. Kidd on 2UE at about 6:10am. I wish Stuart a Merry Christmas, he does the same to me, and we discuss Christmas lunches and our plans.

Then it’s the 2CC Bunnings Gardening Show with Mike Frame and Vicki Berry at 7:05am (Sorry Vicki, I accidently spelled your name with a “Y” when I first wrote this article). Mike and Vicki discuss the recent rain, I wish them a Merry Christmas and ask Vicki what plants she thinks make good Christmas presents. Vicki’s thing can help enhance the use of your garden, has two words of six letters and eight letters respectively, and as I discover has no “W’s for waterlilly”.

Tonight (to continue my audio deluge) I will be posting my inaugural Christmas message.

Update 9am: The puzzle was “Garden Lighting”, congratulations to Yvonne who was the first caller to get it. I got it half an hour beforehand, Mike got it about half an hour before me.

Vicky had a second puzzle up her sleeve, something to enhance your garden
_ I N _
_ H I _ _
No G’s or B’s.

Congratulations to Betty who won the Bliss Garden Giftware set of wind chimes (yep, that was the puzzle), and to Peggy Sheppard of Waramanga who wasn’t home to receive the call, but got an amusing message from Mike and Vicky on her answering machine, announcing that she had won the 2CC Bunnings Gardening Show’s major Christmas prize of a “Jack and Jill seat” from Stonehenge in Pialligo. Hopefully she doesn’t skip the message when she hears it starting with a drumroll, on the assumption that it was from weird telemarketers!

End Update


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