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Blog View Stats for December

January 5th, 2006 at 12:30am

Once again it is time for the monthly blog view stats, of which most can be found here.

Starting with the traffic summary, it is interesting to note that there was a severe drop in the number of readers over the Christmas & Boxing Day public holidays. The number of visitors is down from 4,160 in November to 3,743 in December. The number of page views is down from 20,000+ in November to 14,499 in December.

The most popular page was the home page, the most popular category was Samuel’s Artwork (despite the fact I still haven’t moved most of those pictures to this site), and the most popular article was my report (with plenty of pictures) on John Kerr’s Christmas Cruise and my day surrounding it.

Google remained the most popular search engine.

The searches which brought people here were rather varied, the list is topped by various searches for Schnappi and variations of my name. There were plenty of searches for information relating to John Kerr, George Gibson, Glenn Wheeler and various other radio personalities, someone wanting to know how good 20,000 page views is, a very strange search for “serial number do sam broadcast”, someone looking for their “stolen bicycle transmitter”, somebody who just had to know about “potential competitiors of nappies”, somebody wanted to cheat on a job application with a “citadel back office programmer resume”, and lots lots more.

Internet Explorer won the month with 61.24% of page views, followed by Mozilla Firefox with 28.22% and Apple Safari with 3.01%, and others.

Windows also topped the month with 93.41%, followed by Macintosh with 5.52% and Linux with 1.04%, and others.

The majority of readers were from Australia, 84.72% to be exact, followed by the US with 5.52% and the UK with 4.91%, and others.

The most popular files were my conversation with John Kerr on the morning of the Christmas Cruise with 88 downloads, the musical version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas with 80 downloads, and my chat with Lawsie with 53 downloads.

The top referring sites were The Spin Starts Here, The RiotACT, and Interbreeding

Samuel’s Persiflage #1 recorded 80 downloads.


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