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October 9th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • You are damaging your hearing if I can hear your headphones from across the road with nearby traffic. #
  • Good polls today for conservatives. Aus: Liberal/National coalition leads Labor 45-33 in Newspoll. US: Pew has Romney leading Obama 49-45. #
  • RT @Mel_TurnerAU: @morrison954 Don't fall for the hi speed rail link. It's been peddled for 10 yrs, usually when ACT local elections are on! #
  • @Mel_TurnerAU @morrison954 And in this election, there is even a "Bullet Train For Canberra Party". Not kidding, sadly. in reply to Mel_TurnerAU #
  • @Mel_TurnerAU @morrison954 I'm pre polling later this week. I don't mind voting on the day, but alas I'll be busy. Have fun! in reply to Mel_TurnerAU #
  • Julia Gillard's message this morning: you'd fall asleep before you figure out she's supporting Katy Gallagher. Listen if you need a nap. #
  • The rain has arrived, at last ( @weatherzone in Reid, ACT) so that settles it, I'm getting a couple hours of sleep before work at 11pm. #
  • @jewelsparkle3 @weatherzone Good idea. @daniel_prime7 Can you send some rain to @jewelsparkle3 please? in reply to jewelsparkle3 #
  • Oh wow. I go to bed for a while and wake up to find disgraced Speaker Peter Slipper has resigned. At least he saw the need when Labor didn't #

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