Heidi Harris answers the rumours with a promotion to Los Angeles, but will Glenn Beck lose L.A. clearance? Twitter Updates for 2012-04-18

Twitter Updates for 2012-04-17

April 17th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • Dear @7NewsSydney and other media. Anders Breivik is not a "right-wing extremist". He is a paranoid schizophrenic with left and right views. #
  • Dear media, Anders Breivik did not perform a "far right salute". It closely resembled a communist salute, but he is not left or right. #
  • There have been four shootings in Sydney in the last four hours, reports @2GBAndrewMoore on @2GB873 #
  • Having finished work, my plan is to have breakfast (bacon, eggs, toast and coffee), then turn on the electric blanket and sleep until noon. #
  • @tenbreakfast no, plain packaging of cigarettes will not help. I don't smoke, but I respect the right of the industry to exist and market in reply to tenbreakfast #
  • @HeidiHarrisShow answers the rumours with a promotion to Los Angeles, but will @glennbeck lose L.A. clearance? http://t.co/t263GKDu #
  • 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Chile. #
  • @Jez_1985 Thanks Jez. Nice to meet another Canberra conservative. in reply to Jez_1985 #
  • Air Services Aus built a 2nd Canberra Airport radar near Hume a few months back. I'm not having much luck finding a road to get me near it. #
  • 7.0 magnitude quake in Papua New Guinea. Quite the day for quakes… #
  • @tenbreakfast thanks for the retweet this morning 🙂 #

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