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April 11th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • Michelle Obama's unhealthy menu, and Barack punishing kids for his own (basketball) success. #
  • Rick Santorum is pulling out of the Republican presidential race, yet Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, with less delegates, are still in. Weird. #
  • So now I'm left in a position of liking Newt slightly more than Mitt, but accepting that Mitt will probably be the nominee. #
  • At least Mitt and Newt are both better than Obama. I'm just not so sure that they can excite enough voters to make them turn up in November. #
  • @jybyrd420 how many? And where would I a) find this information, and b) independently be able to check it? in reply to jybyrd420 #
  • @jybyrd420 So Ron Paul might have more delegates than Gingrich, but less than Santorum, and he's 400+ behind Romney. Hard to win from there. in reply to jybyrd420 #
  • @jybyrd420 I'm by no means saying "give up", but that's one hell of a campaign he'd have to wage in order to get the nomination. in reply to jybyrd420 #
  • @jybyrd420 I'm well aware of the fact that Santorum's delegates are now unbound. I was merely pointing out the state of play pre-his exit. in reply to jybyrd420 #
  • @jybyrd420 The media attention will be an issue, but I hope you're right. Not that I necessarily agree with Ron Paul on various things… in reply to jybyrd420 #
  • @jybyrd420 …I just think Romney and Gingrich need to be held to the conservative side, and healthy competition will do that. in reply to jybyrd420 #
  • @jybyrd420 You've nailed my dilemma. I have issues with all of them. They'd probably all be better than Obama, but I need time to think in reply to jybyrd420 #
  • @jybyrd420 I appreciate your information though. More information is good for me right now…well, after my impending sleep. Thanks 🙂 in reply to jybyrd420 #
  • Air Crash Investigations is on in about ten minutes. Tonight's episode is about the plane which landed in the Hudson River in 2009. #

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