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Mondays with Maritz: Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Julia are much like married couple of to soon divorces

February 27th, 2012 at 06:55am

Maritz sent this one through last night. It’s nice to have her back on deck, especially on a day like today

I am do think that Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Julia are much like married couple. They do both of fighting and do sometimes have ideas of different, but at end of day they are much almost same and will forget that they have the different. It will be then that they can be do continue of bad for country, but I am do think that time will come when again they have the fightings and then it will be almost time for to see that they are not much happy and will then have to have big spectacle of public of worses than is currently.

With Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Julia it is much the worses and is almost to divorce, and this could be bad for short time but then good as almost bring might do electings which could be good for having people of public do votings away from the badly governments of Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Julia.

I am previously of from the Russia and was not think I would do find government bad as was old Soviet Russia but the Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Julia and Mr. Bob of Green is all bad as much as Soviet. Different as was always much secret in Soviet Russia but here is in public and is some ways as much bad without doing all as much of badly thing as by making government do look of bad it does the not stable of country and this can be do make many problem. It can be do take secret problems of much and many more to bring as much as bad as this government of Mrs. Kevin and Mr. Julia and Mr. Bob can be do have done.

Also worry is United Nation which is big place of communist people who are much bad and I am do want all country to do the boycott of the United Nation. It is much worry of if Mr. Kevin can be doing be of Prime Minister again as he is much happy with United Nation and this is can be do cause big of problem for country.

I have not ever much done do see this happen of with Mr. Tony and Mrs. Julie of oppositions, but I am do think there was sometimes different between Mr. John and Mr. Peter of government previous, but was much always private and of not public spectacles until newses did causing problems. I am do think that Opposition are much better at being team and doing works for good of country and not for only good of self.

Please to have goodly time of before and after the votings and also I am do hope that country can be doing goodly as is time of difficult. Also soon is electings in of the Russia and is would be much good for Mr. Vladimir to be doing winnings as he can be do stopping influte of United Nation which can be do much cause badly for country.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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