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Mondays with Maritz: The Daylight Savers

October 7th, 2009 at 04:25pm

Dear and hello to all do lovely day in now time of the daylight savers which have done do come to us al always are do in time of year which is much lovely and more to be time for the daylights in afternooning which is nice for talking walsks of with nice cat Slavcatchski.

I am did do of have the trouble of on Sunday for change with to Daylight Savers as I have the cupboard of many clocks in time of daylight savers and had to be put away the time clocks for time of normal which do go in cupboard for now until the time of end for daylight savers which comes in seven months away in morning time, as the battery was not of work in some of clocks and I did not have the batteries in house at time so I did have to finish changing of clocks as for which ones I could do change at time of two and then did walk of to see the service petrol shop for sale of batteries and they were much lovely and gave me discount when I did do explain of the clocks for timing.

I am now on doing adjustment for grade singnings which are not of all do understand of timings as the flowers can not be do read of the clocks and so my singings must be adjusted slowly by ten minutes per week until it is in the new timings as otherwise the flowers are not of sure what timing is it now as it is much strange for me to be do sudden changes in timimg with not changes in sun.

Also of the weekend I did do have the dream of big clock of daylight savers doing take over of world with much loud ticking in year 2012 which was not much good of dream and was the scary and so I now must be sure to not feed the clocks of so they do not do growings.

For the week of lovely to you.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

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