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Drink-driving and meteors without ever drinking

October 4th, 2009 at 06:57am

Yesterday morning a little while after 11am I went to bed (yes, my sleep pattern is nuts) and had the radio on (and yes, it was the radio as I had a car FM transmitter hooked up to my laptop so that I and the rest of the house could listen to KXNT). Heather Kydd was discussing a story in Las Vegas involving drink-driving, and I think it prompted the peculiar dream I had yesterday afternoon.

The dream started with me driving south on Coulter Drive heading towards the Redfern Street roundabout (the location makes sense as I was pulled over just north of this point once). I was planning on going straight through the roundabout, but just before I exited the roundabout I noticed a police car coming at me on my side of the road for no apparent reason, they did not have their lights flashing or anything like that. I swerved to avoid them, and ended up with my car half up on the grass to the left of Coulter Drive south of the roundabout. I stopped the car figuring that the police might double back to check what was almost an accident, and I then looked out the window and saw a police car drive straight past in a southerly direction, so I figured that I was in the clear and went to take off…then the police car which had run me off the road came up behind me and flashed their lights at me, so I stopped again.

The police asked me to get out of my car and submit to a breath test, which I did, albeit whilst informing them that I was annoyed by them running me off the road. A few moments went by before the result of the breath test came back…I blew 0.342. I protested the result on the grounds that “I haven’t been drinking, and if you knew me, you’d know that I wouldn’t be able to stand at about a third of that” and then agreed to go with the police to the police station for a formal blood alcohol level check…as long as we could go by my house first to lock the doors. Strangely, the police agreed.

We went back to my house and the police locked the windows while I locked the doors, then there was a loud bang and Nattie started barking. A meteor had landed in my backyard…the police saw this and breath tested the meteor. It blew zero, and the police then informed me that I was free to go as the breathalysers report readings of 0.342 in the half-hour before meteors crash in Canberra.

Another meteor then crashed in to my kitchen, causing my microwave to explode…at which point the dream ended.


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