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Who was distressed about this?

August 7th, 2009 at 06:57am

Jon Stanhope has formally recognised the Ngunnawal people as the “traditional owners” of the Australian Capital Territory, based on the incredibly impartial advice of the Ngunnawal Elders Council. He says he has done this to quell the “confusion and distress within the community” over a debate between the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people over who “traditionally owns” the land.

Matilda House, from the Ngambri people is annoyed, but has a great quote.

“Mr Stanhope has made his mind up so how would I ever change it?”

Well definitely not through one of his consultations, that’s for sure.

Ms. House is also confused about who she distressed by declaring herself to be a Ngambri person.

“It’s a gutless accusation because what stress have I caused? What stress have I caused? You know I’d like to know who is stressed out in this community over my decision to say who I am.”

It’s the first I’ve heard of anyone being distressed about this supposed confusing debacle. Perhaps it was just an attempt from Chief Turnip Stanhope to get the media to focus on a good news story rather than the fact that he has let his federal Labor colleagues wriggle out of yet another financial commitment. If so, well done Jon, it worked. Top story on ABC Canberra News is the very politically correct Aboriginal story.

Gotta love the state-owned, state-run media. I know Jon does.


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