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July 18th, 2009 at 04:38pm

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a few years would remember that, a few years ago, I started publishing highlights of the audio tapes I made when I was a child. Some of you may have been scarred for life by them, with one person commenting to me that they were “scary”.

These highlights were in many ways a side-effect of the process of putting these tapes on CD, and the posting of highlights stalled because the conversion to CD also stalled.

All of the tapes are sitting on a computer at my house in wave format, waiting to be edited (mostly some noise reduction and splitting the tapes in to tracks based on the various segments), and I would like to get it done, but I’m not overly keen on spending the extra time creating highlights which I can then publish here. As such, I have taken a decision to not bother publishing highlights, but instead publish the whole tapes. There are 28 tapes and one audio CD, and I intend on publishing the tapes and CD in random order, one side of a tape at a time, on alternating Sundays, with Aircheck Sunday on the other Sundays.

This should mean that the entire collection should be online over the course of 114 weeks.

Tomorrow will be Aircheck Sunday, so the first side of a tape will go online the following week. This will be available as a podcast, and I’ll give you the details of that when the first one is published.


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