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An open message to Jim Ball’s caller “Rick”

May 12th, 2009 at 05:00am

To Rick, who called Jim Ball a bit after 4:20am today.

Rick, firstly before I get on to my main point, congratulations on having a kid. I hope Jack grows up to be your pride and joy.

I have to clarify something which you said in reference to something I said. I did not say to Jim that gravity’s influence had changed. What I said was that I am often amused at how the rules which our scientists have made up to try to explain how the universe works, keep changing. The scientists come up with these great rules and regulations for everything based on their evidence, assumptions, and as the article which Jim quoted said, theoretical calculations.

My point really was that we should take all of these alterations to the scientists’ rules with a grain of salt, because they are almost all theories, and not necessarily the absolute truth. It is important to differentiate between the laws of physics which actually exist in the universe, and the so-called “laws of physics” published by scientists. The former actually exist, are real, are happening, and are the truth. The latter are rules created by humans to attempt to explain how everything works. If scientists were 100% correct, then the former and latter would be a perfect match, but because we, as humans, do not understand everything, the latter are not 100% correct, and constantly require modification as we either discover more, or correct mistakes.

It’s also worth noting that there is absolutely no good reason why the real physical laws of physics can’t change over time, especially if a superior being has some control over our universe.

Rick, it’s great that you have a good understanding of the scientists’ laws of physics, but you of all people should realise that they are theories, and just like every other theory in science, they are there to be proven and disproven. The idea that we shouldn’t consider a scientific theory to be wrong is, well, wrong.

Best of luck with your kid.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart
(the caller before you)

The article which started this whole conversation is to do with Dwarf Galaxies prompting “another modification of Newton’s theory of gravitation“.

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