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Aircheck Sunday: The breakfast show which I had to pre-record

May 17th, 2009 at 06:22am

Or “voicetrack” as we say in the industry.

It’s the 1WAY FM breakfast show from the 5th of January, 2009, and due to the death of a car, and the subsequent need to have it towed, I was unable to be in the 1WAY FM building during the breakfast show. I needed to be in Weston to be present for the towing of the car…although as it happened, the tow truck didn’t turn up until about 9:30 so I probably could have done the show live.

Tim, the station manager, was out of the country at the time and graciously allowed me to borrow his car, so I was able to present The Best of Open House the preceding night without any hassle, and as such I recorded the breakfast show after that at about 10pm. Unfortunately due to the way the automation system Startrax works, it was not possible to work out the exact time that the broadcast would go to air, however I made sure that my two hours would time out, and left enough spare time for the weather.

The weather segments were recorded a couple hours before the broadcast went to air so that they would contain up-to-date forecasts. From memory I had to pre-record weather for later in the day as well. Coming in early in that morning was useful for another reason too…I was able to make the 6am hour timeout properly (end at 7am rather than, for example, 7:03am) which was essential for making the breakfast show work properly.

It’s also worthwhile noting that the aircheck system at 1WAY FM doesn’t always record the audio in the few seconds around the top of the hour correctly…this is noticeable around the 8am mark in this aircheck. I also don’t have the last few seconds of the broadcast.

Listening to the aircheck I have spotted a trademark Startrax error (see if you can spot it), along with a “Samuel forgot to put the post-news weather in to the 8am hour playlist” error.


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Copyright notice: Copyright on this audio is jointly held by Samuel Gordon-Stewart and 1WAY FM. It is made available for personal use, and “fair use” as defined by copyright legislation only. This audio may not be redistributed without the prior written permission of a copyright holder.


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