That would explain why they want to get the stimulus through so quickly These people are in charge of the US economy?


February 6th, 2009 at 02:52am

An email to KXNT’s Morning Source Alan Stock:

Hi Alan,

I went in to the whole facebook thing, and all of my friends are on there, but I’m like you, I don’t get it.

The damn thing drove me completely nuts with all of these people that I barely knew from school bothering me with all sorts of useless information and invitations. I hated the whole thing, and I deleted my facebook account as a new year’s resolution last year, and I’ve kept it…I ain’t going back.

I’m much happier with my small group of physical friends who I can keep in touch with by phone, email and in person.

And I’m a bit like you in so far as I am too busy with my life, my blog and following the news cycle and my personal interests to be bothered with facebook.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart
Canberra, Australia

“Samuel is waiting desperately for the morning flip so he can make an international phone call”.

Update: I did manage to get through to the morning flip, twice in fact. The first time Telstra managed to provide me with a bizarre scratchy connection which Alan described as sounding like an old 78 record. He couldn’t hear me, but I could almost hear him.

When I got through the second time it was actually physically possible (thank you Telstra, pity I don’t get a refund on the unintelligible connection) I was able to quickly flip off Barack Obama for his salary limiting legislation, and flip up Kevin Rudd for ruling out similar legislation here despite pressure from Bob Brown.

Hopefully KXNT podcast today’s “flip” segment because it was quite amusing. It’s really a bit of fun with a few people throwing serious stuff in. They seem to have some serial pests who must rack up some hefty phone bills dialling the KXNT phone number constantly for ten minutes every morning just to make a fool of themselves. End Update

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