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Sydney’s “Heart” becomes Sydney’s “Hope”

December 15th, 2008 at 06:00am

The base station for Open House with Sheridan Voysey has a new name, as their press release points out:

In September of 2007, Sydney’s Christian Radio station FM103.2 launched their new name Heart 103.2. This was immediately challenged by Macquarie Regional Radio who had trademarked ‘heart’ for radio use, although they were not using the brand outside of Tasmania or Queensland.

As a community radio station, FM103.2 was not in a position to enter a legal battle to salvage the name ‘Heart 103.2” and therefore relinquished the name at the end of 2007.

For the last 12 months, FM103.2 has searched for an alternate station identity. The first step was to seek suggestions from listeners, and then the most popular names were tested in the marketplace. Finally, a trademark was acquired for the name with the most votes.

CEO Phillip Randall today stated that,

It’s been a long and tough journey, but after 9 months of waiting, we are very pleased to announce the new name of Sydney’s Christian Radio station is Hope 103.2!

The new name will help define the station better for listeners and the wider Sydney community.

CEO Phillip Randall explained,

Hope 103.2 was by far the most suggested name amongst our listeners and test groups, and best conveys the nature and purpose of this radio station.

Hope 103.2 will continue to be active as a radio station that cares about social issues and community concerns, and encourage listeners to embrace a ‘Passion for Life’.

Thanks for the embargo, it’s great to be able to schedule a post to appear here when an embargo expires while I’m out of town.


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