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A bit of good news though

November 10th, 2008 at 09:09am

New Zealand’s election went the way I wanted it to. Two elections in the space of four years…it’s a dismal effort on my behalf, but at least parts of the world still agree with my political views.

So, I can move to Western Australia or New Zealand…or try to reform the voters of the ACT. There could be some satisfaction in watching the ACT voters realise that a Labor-Green government was as big a mistake as the New South Wales voters returning Iemma/Rees Labor to power, although it would be less painful to watch from a distance…being subjected to the policies and plans of a Labor-Green government could be very painful indeed.

That said, moving town would be painful unless 2CC can get around to getting a webstream online. Life without the Mike Jeffreys Breakfast Program…now that would be painful.

What is a conservative to do?


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  • 1. davky  |  November 11th, 2008 at 8:36 am

    I love your commitment, Sambo…

    Oddly enough, you actually remind me of myself about ten years ago – I don’t know whether it is you or I who should be more scared of this!!

    Admittedly, over time, I got a bit older and a bit more cynical of both sides of politics. But I know that I felt the earth crumble beneath my feet the day that Bob Carr defeated John Fahey.


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