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Lots of fans, both here and in the maze of David Jones

March 27th, 2024 at 03:06pm

Yesterday I had a dream that I was back in a previous workplace and I found out there was going to be a national power outage, so I had to run the generator to keep the power on at work.

I went up to the generator room (which looked like a larger and emptier version of one of the air conditioning plantrooms at the Canberra Centre) and started the generator but it wouldn’t get up to speed due to what it claimed was an insufficient airflow. So I went and found as many industrial size fans as I could and set them to blow on the generator to provide it with airflow. I had set up a dozen and was happy with that but thought it could use a few more to be on the safe side, and went away to find some. When I came back, the fans I had previously setup were missing and I found out that my present-day boss had sold them to the department store David Jones. So I went to David Jones to get the fans back but the store was a large maze and it was difficult to find the manager.

Meanwhile, I received a communication from an evil spirit which required my permission to pass through my property as a shortcut rather than going the long way around. I granted permission as long as it didn’t stop on my property, so it went through with a dozen other evil spirits and I had to contend with all manner of peculiar objects chasing me including a floating alligator-elephant thing which wanted to recite strange poems at me.


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  • 1. nbrettoner  |  March 27th, 2024 at 5:16 pm

    Dear Samuel,

    Interesting dream right there.
    One should always be very wary of poetic poms*,,,, er,
    Readers of writ; audible poemitisers. An alien term for a poet.

    *poetic poems. A cut above the wreck.
    Sigh the goodie olden dayz of David Jones Parramatta parber shope. Replete with pole, very hot damp wet steamy towel dug straight from the depths of the sterilizer and slapped upon one’s unprepared face. Oh and the haircut plus a splash of smelly stuff. He even got every last hair off; unlike toeday.

    I am wondering if you eventually found the maze manager, and indeed if the generator survived?.
    Ummm, did they all leave? {the traversers}. Hopefully the next lot will be far safer.


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