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Final words on the election until 6PM

November 24th, 2007 at 01:22pm

As it is now after 1pm and I have to start my afternoon newsreading duties for AIR News shortly, I am not going to have time to have an episode of Editorial Echoes today. The planned episode is probably a tad out of date by now anyway as it was really a Saturday morning script (not that I finished the script, it’s just notes at this stage).

Suffice to say I have cast my vote. I doubt many people here will be surprised to hear that I have voted for the Liberal party in the House of Representatives and the Senate. I have a number of reasons for deciding to do that, and I have to admit that the smear tactics used by certain members of the Liberal party during the week nearly made me change my vote, but I was satisfied that it had backfired badly enough for them and they had taken action against a certain group of people, so they managed to hang on to my vote, as I see other issues as being far more important right now.

I’m sticking to my earlier prediction of the Coalition by two seats, even though the polls are against me. I was pleased to hear a commentator who I have a lot of respect for, 2GB current affairs director Jason Morrison, reach the same conclusion as me yesterday on the 2CC breakfast show…seeing as mine is a hunch and his is the result of careful analysis, I think that’s a good sign…or at least I hope it is.

That being said, I am but one in a poll of millions, and whilst I have cast my vote, every vote counts. Please, if you have not already voted, fill out the form properly, cast a vote based on what you believe in your head, not your heart, and may the most favoured candidates win!

I’ll be back from 6pm or thereabouts with half hourly updates. I’m also going to see about getting a webstream of 2CC’s election coverage online. Capital Radio can sue me if they want…but the Canberrans who are not in Canberra deserve better than a webstream from 666 ABC Canberra in my view…or at the very least, deserve a choice. I more or less have everything ready at this end…I’ll just have to double check everything. If it does happen, the webstream will be online from 6pm to midnight only.


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