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November 24th, 2007 at 01:07pm

Here are the results from this week’s election poll.

Who do you plan on giving your first preference to in the House of Representatives election on November 24?

Total Votes: 58
Started: November 17, 2007

Interestingly it more or less mirrors the result of a lot of larger polls, especially when you compare the two major parties. It also, much like some larger polls, noticed a swing back to the Liberal party towards the end of the week, but not enough to get them over the line.

When you turn that in to a 150 seat figure, you get the following results:
Labor: 56.89655172
Liberal: 51.72413793
Greens: 20.68965517
Democrats: 15.51724138
Other: 5.172413793

Obviously you can’t have partial seats, so the numbers then get wound back to:
Labor: 56
Liberal: 51
Greens: 20
Democrats: 15
Other: 5
Total: 147

This leaves three seats to fill, so we use the original figures and see which three groups were closest to reaching another full seat, and give them those seats. Those groups are Labor, Liberal, Greens.

So, the Samuel’s Blog Election Poll final result says this will be the makeup of the new House of Representatives.
Labor: 57
Liberal: 52
Greens: 21
Democrats: 15
Other: 5


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