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May 30th, 2007 at 11:29pm

Good evening Stuart,

Just in reply to that email you read out a few minutes ago from the person whose son turned down a $90,000 job in the mining sector in Western Australia as (I'm pretty sure you said dump truck driver, but I'm not sure).

To be perfectly honest, I would have turned down the job as well. I earn significantly less than $90,000 per year, but I mush prefer my job and conditions over a job where I work for a week on a twelve hour day shift, followed by a week on a 12 hour night shift, followed by a week off. I work all sorts of hours on a rotating roster, and even though the WA job would have a much higher pay rate, there is no way I would accept that job…even if it was doing something I would enjoy.

That being said, if they have a job involving a crane, I'd be happy to pay them for an hour in charge of a crane…one of my life ambitions is to spend some time driving a crane.

By the way Stuart, if people were to vote based on haircuts, don't write off John Howard just yet. John Stanley has even less hair and plenty of people seem to like him!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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