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Civic Library’s Video Theft

January 1st, 2007 at 07:07am

In this dream the Civic Library has been moved to the creamy coloured buildings connected to the underground cabling building, pictured in this photo:
Underground cabling building and imaginary library building

The dream takes place in the library where there is a room filled with videos and DVDs for hire, however the room is closed. I join a group of people trying to sneak into the room to steal DVDs, but the librarian spots us, and decides to open the room with a security guard supervising it.

Once the room is open, we enter the room and find the DVDs and videos we are looking for, I consider sneaking a DVD out under my shirt, but then spot the $2 hire price tag and decide to hire the DVD…also whilst in the room I spot a DVD titled “Stargate SG1: Season 13”, which is just a tad early considering that they have only produced ten series so far.

Could this dream be a preminition? Will the Civic Library move into this building by the time Stargate SG1 has a 13th series? Will I be arrested for petty theft in a few years? Why am I having these weird dreams about theft?


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