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Bus Jokes

September 15th, 2006 at 10:47am

Well it’s Friday Funnies time again, and I could just say that the joke is “ACTION management comittee”, but I doubt many people would find it funny, so instead I’ll provide you with some bus flavoured jokes.

A good and kindly bishop pops his clogs and finds himself at heavens gates behind a newly deceased bus driver. Saint Peter is describing the five hundred room marble palace that will be the eternal home of the bus driver.
Saint Peter gets to the bishop and tells him to go round to the back gate of the mansion and prepare to be the bus drivers gardner. The bishop is outraged – “That idiot bus driver drove like a maniac – what do you think you are doing!!??” Saint Peter replies: “That bus driver is highly favoured in the heavenly realms; he put the fear of God up more people than all the churches in England!”

Did you hear about the magic bus?
– It went along the road, then turned into a side street.

Customer: “Can I have a return ticket please?”
Driver: “Where to?”
Customer: “Back here of course!”

A passenger who was slightly late in rising from her seat said to the driver, “I wanted that stop.” The driver turned around and replied ” I’m sorry madam, the company don’t sell them”

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